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Character Notes

Alvaro Vigna
A trained conductor and frustrated musical genius, working as a waiter. Very mercurial, he epitomizes a Latin artistic temperament. Intense, passionate, riveting, and seductive.
- Playing age: early 30s
- Voice: Accomplished high baritone.

Alvaro's best friend and political conscience, Rico works as a pianist in a shabby bar, and is a staunch anti-royalist. An uncompromising idealist, he is one of the few voices in Centoluci that shouts out against the country's profiteering gamble to restore its monarchy.
- Playing age: early 30s
- Voice: R
umbustious baritone

Princess Constance's private secretary. Entirely appropriate and unfailingly articulate, he is an intelligent, discreet and loyal servant with an uncanny knack of assessing a situation at lightning speed. He is seasoned, deft, and often, albeit subtly, quite hilarious.
- Playing age: 40s
- Voice: Light bass-baritone

Gualtieri's grandson is a young man determined to uncover his late grandfather's past. His hunger for the truth is matched by his sense of honor.  
- Playing age: early 20s
- Voice: Almost entirely non-singing, but must be able to carry a tune due to one small acapella sung moment.


Princess Constance
A ravishingly beautiful young woman. Educated, poised, inquisitive, tenacious and bright. She has benefited from a privileged upbringing, but this has in no way prepared her for the rigors of her new royal role.
- Playing age: late 20s
- Voice: Mezzo-soprano. American accent.

Miss Vine (Princess Constance 40 years later)
For four decades, Constance has lived in seclusion on a remote island. She is remarkably untouched by the changing world, and retains many of the mannerisms and all the poise of her younger self. She teaches piano to local students, evoking all the techniques taught to her by Alvaro, with whom she is clearly still in love.
- Playing age: late 60s
- Voice: Mezzo-soprano. American accent.

Grand Duchess Cesara
Every inch an old-school royal: dripping in jewels, silver hair piled high, and never without her polished ebony cane. As a child, she saw at first hand the revolution that unseated her family but now, with the monarchy only just reinstated, she relishes her new status.
- Playing age: 60s
- Voice: Operatic, dramatic contralto

Prince Cedric
Son of Cesara, Cedric is the Crown Prince of Centoluci, and husband of Constance. Married out of duty, secretly gay, and an aristocrat to his fingertips.
- Playing age: early 30s
- Voice: High-baritone

An ensemble (minimum of four) plays and sings the chorus and other incidental characters.
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