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Norman Bowman and Helen Anker
in a scene at the Landor Theatre, London.
The first full production of ICON premiered at the Landor Theatre on the London fringe, under the direction of Robert McWhir.
Following his success at the previous year's rehearsed reading, West End star Norman Bowman reprised the leading role of Alvaro.
Helen Anker as Princess Constance
Norman Bowman as Alvaro
Judith Paris as Miss Vine

Valerie Cutko as Cesara 
Andrew C Wadsworth as Gualtieri
Miles Eagling as Rico 
Ben Fleetwood-Smyth as Prince Cedric
Tom Fox Davies as Marcello

Michael Coghlan
Amy Cree
Jonathan Eio
Elizabeth Graham

Musical arrangements: Michael Haslam
Jonathan Kaldor & Marcus Tilt

Musical accompaniment: Iain Vince Gatt

Set design: Mike Lees
Costumes: Nina Morley
Lighting: Richard Lambert & Jonny Milmer 
Technical operation: Martin Terry
Stage management: Tana Huggins
Poster design: Brian Dennis

Choreography: Robbie O'Reilly

Direction: Robert McWhir

ICON Professor Utopia
Children's Drama The Selfish Giant
© Jonathan Kaldor 2016