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Production Requirements 

ICON has been written with flexible production requirements in mind, and a maximum vision of what might be described as a medium-sized Broadway musical, with a cast of 18 (8 principals, 10 ensemble), and an orchestra of 10.

For productions on a smaller scale, the ensemble can be reduced from 10 to 4 actors, and the minimum requirements are:
Cast: 12 actors
  • Princess Constance (leading role)
  • Alvaro Vigna (leading role)
  • Miss Vine (leading role)
  • Grand Duchess Cesara (major supporting role)
  • Gualtieri (major supporting role)
  • Rico (major supporting role)
  • Prince Cedric (supporting role)
  • Marcello (supporting role)
  • Female ensemble - soprano
  • Female ensemble - alto
  • Male ensemble - tenor
  • Male ensemble - bass 
Orchestra: 6 players (including conductor on keyboards) 


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