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The Arts Council of England financially supported a complete concept recording of Professor Utopia, featuring a 25-strong cast, headed by Andrew C Wadsworth and Gay Soper.

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Imagery is an integral part of the story, and a Narrator (who does not feature in a fully-staged production) describes what the eye cannot see.

Andrew C Wadsworth, during the recording session of "A Different World" from Professor Utopia.


The Professor -
Niklas -
Colonel Svanska -
Corilsa -
Captain Karlsson -

Forodini -
Madame Zadira -
Tasamin -
Yosephin -
Mercurikov -

Anders -
Gustav -
Stellan -
Rickard -
Tors -
Hakan -
Nils -

Ensemble -

Special narration for this recording -

 Andrew C Wadsworth
 Grant Neal
 Jonathan Kaldor
 Jo Castleton
 Paul Brereton

 Hugo Farris
 Gay Soper
 Frances Duca
 Bridget Fry
 Antonio Castagnola

 Neil Bull
 Christopher Dickins

 Pieter Lowe
 Richard Stemp
 Daniel Swan
 Tim Hilborne
 Craig Nicholls

 Paul Burnham
 Anna Hounslow
 Bee Huntley
 Meg Makower
 Damian Thantrey
 Non Vaughan-Thomas
 Sally Walker

 Amy Rockson

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